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ARC Clinical Veterinarian

Chicago, IL

Job Description
About the

UnitThe Animal Resources Center (ARC) at The University of Chicago is responsible for the use and care of all research animals on campus. The ARC manages 6 facilities and a business office. Its sections are as follows: husbandry, maintenance, operations, veterinary care, finance and administration. The unit recently merged with the Office of Shared Research Facilities managing all of the BSD cores on campus.

Job Family

ResearchResponsible for all aspects of research projects and research facilities. Plans and conducts clinical and non-clinical research; facilitates and monitors daily activities of clinical trials or research projects. Directs engineering and technical support activities to develop and maintain tools and computational methods needed to gather and analyze data.

Career Track and Job Level

Research & Survey Lab ServicesPerforms technical laboratory procedures to support clinical research, and assists in specialty research involving animals, MRI technologies, histology, among others. Works directly with clients and perspective clients to understand their data needs and to update them on progress with their studies, manages changes in work scope or work plan in response to field conditions and budget.P4: Requires specialized depth and/or breadth of expertise. Interprets internal or external University issues and recommends best practices. Solves complex problems; takes a broad perspective to identify innovative solutions. Works independently, with guidance in only the most complex situations. May lead cross-functional or divisional teams or projects.

Role Impact

Individual Contributor


The job uses specialized knowledge and breadth of expertise for laboratory data collection and analysis to support clinical research, and assists in specialty research involving animals, MRI technologies, histology, among others.1) Solves complex problems relating to the overall compliance of CAP/CLIA molecular laboratory standards and the management and direction of the Center. Interprets and reviews incoming requests for cost proposals and develops work scopes and budgets for prospective work., 2) Leads marketing for the Survey Lab's services, including advertising formal coursework and recruiting suitable clients for research practice. Develops new tests and evaluates new technology for implementation in diagnostic testing., 3) Provides expertise to the operations staff and manages progress for all in-house projects. Has full authority in managing a database of clinical patient records and results, and maintains an inventory of laboratory supplies and reagents., 4) Prepares quality and safety control measures for the laboratory, such as checks of equipment, temperature control, and documentation of quality improvement projects. Collaborates with the director, administrator and operational staff to maintain and improve efficient systems for proposal preparation, staff training, and project management., 5) Performs other related work as needed.
Unit-specific Responsibilities

1) Oversight of the clinical care of research animals maintained at The University of Chicago providing either primary or secondary oversight to the colonies.

2) Oversight of barrier rodents, large animals and post-approval monitoring program.

3) Oversight of the rodent quarantine and sentinel programs, as well as oversight of the satellite facilities (exotics/aquatics, BPSB behavior facility).

4) Contribute to the development of institutional animal care and use policies and in the review of animal care and use protocols.

5) Assist with the training program for the appropriate care and use of laboratory animals.

6) Provide investigator consultation on animal models and research techniques.

7) Participate in regulatory protocol review for committees such as IACUC and IBC.

8) Prepare reports as assigned.

Unit-preferred Competencies

1) Excellent written and oral communication skills.

2) Ability to interact and communicate effectively, oral and written, with faculty, investigators, administrators, staff and outside vendors.

3) Must demonstrate ability to work on more than one project at one time, Capacity to handle multiple tasks in a short amount of time.

4) Must be detailed and organized and respect confidentiality. Must also demonstrate very good customer service skills/professionalism.

5) Entails extensive writing, typing, computer skills, walking and sitting, animal facility exposure

Education, Experience, and Certifications

Minimum requirements include a college or university degree in related field.Minimum requirements include knowledge and skills developed through 7+ years of work experience in a related job discipline.
Preferred Qualifications


1) DVM/VMD degree from an AVMA accredited institution.

2) Completion of laboratory animal medicine residency program.

3) ACLAM board certification OR eligibility.

4) State of Illinois Veterinary License.


1) Prior training and experience in laboratory animal medicine.

Required Documents

1) Cover Letter

2) Resume
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