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Massage Therapist Midland Physiotherapy Registered Massage Therapist

Midland, ON

Job Description
Posted February 26, 2020
WE'RE GROWING! Midland Physiotherapy is looking for a Part-Time Registered Massage Therapist to join our collaborative team in Midland, ON!

Our Registered Massage Therapists are an important part of our collaborative healthcare team. We are looking for individuals that are passionate about their profession and committed to ongoing professional development and exceptional patient care.

Interested in having a busy caseload right away? There is no shortage of assessments our clinics are busy & growing. Referrals are guaranteed with access to a professional, interdisciplinary team with an abundance of cross-referrals from existing Physiotherapist and other clinicians.

Just starting your career or looking for opportunities for growth? We provide the opportunity to learn, grow, mentor and be mentored in an Interdisciplinary clinic setting by some of the best clinicians in Canada. We value learning so much that professional development and continuing education opportunities are standard for every position.

Is work-life balance important to you? We provide you with flexible and accommodating work schedules. Our clinics are busy, yet our team brings energy and fun to the clinic every day.

What's in it for you?

We offer our Massage Therapists Competitive percent-based compensation as an Employee or Contractor. No need to worry about those pesky administrative tasks, we have that covered with full reception and billing services -see your schedule getting filled right from your phone!

Other Benefits:
  • Fun, energetic team environment
  • Vacation Pay and Stat Holiday Pay - you pay continues while taking time off!
  • Great Extended Health Benefit Plans (Health/Vision/Dental/Life Insurance), Staff Discounts and much more!
  • EI and CPP deductions at the source so you can take advantage of maternity/parental benefits
  • On-site linen and laundry available, all supplies provided

  • Key Qualifications:
  • Registered and in good standing with your provincial college
  • New Grads Welcome

  • pt Health I 25 Years of Exceptional Care I Great Place to Work Certified

    pt Health accommodates the individual needs of applicants with disabilities within the recruitment process. Please call us at 1 (866) 872-0587 or email us if you require accommodation to ensure your equal participation in the recruitment and selection process.

    Massage Therapist Application

    First Name: Last Name: Email Address: Phone Number: Are you a registered clinician? Yes No Are you a resident of Canada? Yes No How did you hear about this position? Comments: I agree to receive commercial electronic messages Resume/CV resume:
    Formats allowed: *.doc, *.docx, *.pdf, *.odt, *.txt, and *.rtf.

    When the first pt Health clinic opened in Ontario in 1993, it was founded with aclear vision for the future. Even from the very start, we wanted to be a companythat valued inspiration, communication, working together, and never beingsatisfied with the status quo. We wanted to be a place where patients came to getwell and stay well. And we wanted to be an inspiration to ourselves as well asothers.

    Now, with over 100 clinics across Canada, we're living that dream. Ourmultidisciplinary approach to patient care means our clinicians communicate andwork together collaboratively, learning from and teaching each other throughouttheir careers. We support each other as we grow and learn and expand pt Health HRWebsite 2 our skills both as clinicians and as people.

    Our vision? We not only want to change the lives of our patients, we want tochange the face of healthcare in Canada.

    We believe that a clear, value-based vision for our company is what sets us apartand makes pt Health a unique place for you to build your career. Our 5 core valuesare what shape the growth and direction of our company and guide us every day.
  • Learn and Inspire

    Continuous learning and inspiring others through mentorship

    At pt Health, we believe you should never stop learning. Whether you are a recent graduate, new to pt Health, or want to enhance your skill set, pt Health wants to you to have the opportunity to reach the goals you set for yourself during your career. This can be demonstrated through continuous learning and development through additional programs and courses specific to your role, or the pt Health online training centre for independent study and position specific training. Most importantly, working in our collaborative clinic model allows you to both inspire and be inspired. We know that constant learning means that we will always be able to provide our patients with the best level of care possible.
  • Open and Honest Communications

    Transparency and truth in continuous dialogue

    We believe it is paramount that we all communicate and stay connected to what is happening with pt Health as a company. How do we make this happen? First, company information is distributed online and via e-mail to keep you up to date with helpful announcements. We conduct bi-annual employee surveys to collect feedback from our teams and then use that feedback to help guide our company activities and new employee programs. We also support communication via our online training centre and issue weekly newsletters that highlight new hires, openings, promotions, contests, and clinic updates. Finally, in what we like to call our quarterly Town Hall meetings, we keep all employees aware of business strategies, company programs, activities, and awards.
  • All Hands In

    Total team unity and strength by working together

    It's very common to hear pt Health team members say they have each other's back. That's because there is a supportive team dynamic at every level of our company. We believe that a unity of purpose brings strength and focus to a team. This connectedness of our clinic and corporate teams drives our business to grow together and succeed together. . We know that if we focus on a goal as a team, we'll reach uncommon results. This philosophy helps both our patients and employees achieve their objectives at the highest level possible. Whatever goals we set, whatever dreams we have, we will reach them together.
  • The Extra Mile

    Striving to go above and beyond

    We're not satisfied with just being good...we believe in being extraordinary. Our clinicians are constantly striving to improve their clinical skills to make sure pt Health patients get the best care available. From the moment a patient calls our Patient Care Centre, we do everything we can to give each patient an ideal customer service experience. That means ensuring that our processes are efficient, listening to our team members and patients, making our clinics warm and welcoming spaces, and going out of our way to give patients every option to get well and stay well. Every day, we listen to the feedback from our team because their experiences help us to do everything possible to be better than we were the day before. A culture that elicits and respects feedback means that we constantly raise the bar in performance professionally and for our customers.

  • Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of every single patient who comes toa pt Health clinic. As a company, we also want to make the same kind of positiveimpact in the lives of our employees. Within our collaborative model, ourclinicians treat a wide range of injuries, commit to helping patients managechronic conditions, and dedicate themselves to making sure our patients are on theroad to recovery. We never stop learning from each other, improving our clinicalskills, and we support each other as we strive to continually improve patientoutcomes.

    As a company, pt Health supports our employees by providing an extended benefitspackage, mentorship opportunities, a continuing education allowance, and theability to move into management and leadership positions. We know you arecommitted to the well-being of your patients. For our part, we are committed toyour well-being as a pt Health employee.

    Which track are you?

    Clinical Track - be an respected clinical leader in the company as atrusted resource

    Management Track - progress to being a manager of a clinic team or even a groupof clinics
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