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Nurse Practitioner

Boston, MA

Job Description



Under the supervisionand direction of the designated supervising physician, and in accordance withthe rules and regulations of Massachusettsgoverning Nurse Practitioner (NP) practice, the NP supports the inpatient NeurosurgicalService.The neurosurgical NP willwork directly with the clinical faculty and residents to provide qualitypatient care and medical services as it relates to all phases of neurologicalsurgery for comprehensive management of brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervediseases and disorders. Reportsto the collaborating neurosurgeon.


1.Order Writing

1.1Orders forall situations covered by protocols are written and signed by the NP includinghis/her title.

1.2Orders forsituations not covered by protocols are first discussed with an appropriatephysician involved in the patient's care and written by the NP and includingthe physician's name.

2.Preoperative Patient Care (Inpatient)

2.1Elicit adetailed and accurate history, perform an appropriate physical examination,record and present pertinent data in a manner meaningful to the physician.

2.2Performand prescribe routine laboratory and related studies, medications, andconsultations standard for the Neurosurgical Service. Admission andpreoperative orders will be entered into Order Entry and signed by the NP.The admission orders will include routinelaboratory tests, consultations and continuing medications, which the patienthad been taking prior to admission.

3.Postoperative Patient Care

3.1TheNP will alternate with a junior surgical resident and additional NursePractitioners and/or Physician Assistants in the management of neurosurgical patients.Under advisement of a resident or anattending physician, they will prescribe/order prn medications, treatments,routine labs, and consults.

3.2Performsuture removals and wound checks on as needed basis.

3.3They areto be qualified to:

§insertventriculostomies or ICP bolts under the direct supervision of a physician

§discontinueventriculostomies or ICP bolts


A.Toassist in implementation of the treatment plan as formulated by the attendingneurosurgeon.It is expected that the NPwill contribute to the assessment of the patient, respond appropriately to theclinical situation with good clinical judgment, and, with the attending andresident staff, develop and implement the clinical care plan, within the scopeof the practice.

B.Participatein daily rounding on the inpatient neurosurgical units throughmultidisciplinary collaboration.

C.Assist in facilitating patient movement through thesystem, particularly as it relates to the admission and discharge process.

D.Independent performance of evaluative and treatmentprocedures essential to provide an appropriate response to life threateningemergency situations per Neurosurgical Service guidelines.


A.To assistin the education of the patient regarding his/her illness, surgical procedure,and care

B.Toassist in the education of staff (e.g., other nursing staff and caregivers)regarding the surgical procedure and post-operative care, according to the standardsof good clinical practice, the requests of the attending surgeon, and the needsof the individual patient.


  • Minimum of Master's Degree in Nursing (MSN) and previous experience in an academic medical environment preferred.
  • Ideally have 3-5 years of prior related experience in the Advanced Practice role in Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, or other surgical sub-specialty. Neuroscience experience preferred.
  • For NPs, will consider 1-3 years NP experience with RN experience in acute care setting.
  • Critical care experience and/or clinical nursing experience preferred.
  • Hold current certification as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner or Adult Nurse Practitioner.
  • Hold current valid Massachusetts nursing license.
  • Hold a current valid Federal DEA certificate.
  • Hold a current valid State Controlled Substance Certificate in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • ACLS provider trained.


    ·Requiresindependent judgment.

    ·Abilityto work well under pressure.

    ·Broadknowledge of medical environment and academically oriented surgical practice.

    ·Abilityto exercise the highest degree of professional judgment under the direction andguidance of a licensed physician.

    ·Maymaintain variable work schedule depending on departmental needs to providepatient care (evening, holidays, and weekends); coverage would involve arotating schedule with other Advanced Practice Provider (APP) team members.

    ·Qualifiedin all basic and advanced cardiac life support standards as established by theAmerican Heart Association.

    ·Knowledge of bedside and operating roomprocedures and priorities.

    ·Maintain a professional demeanor towardspatients and co-workers at all times, as well as maintain good workingrelationships with other personnel involved with patient care activities. It isexpected that the NP will function as an effective member of the care team, inassociation with the attending surgeon and resident staff, and other APP's.This should be made manifest by aprofessional attitude, a willingness to work as a member of the care team, andbeing supportive and helpful to other members of the team as needed.

    ·Possessthe maturity, self-confidence, and ability to follow complex patient managementplans as directed by the attending surgeon.

    ·Eligiblefor state and federally controlled substances registration.

    ·Is knowledgeable and compliant in all hospital,State and Federal regulatory requirements, including hospital policy andprocedures (where applicable to the performance of the job), Joint Commissionon Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), and Health InsurancePortability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).
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