2021-12-02  Prasanthi Naidoo


Did you know: 80% of candidates start their job search via search engine?

If you are a medical clinic manager or owner and you have an urgent need to recruit a doctor or physician to join your team, one of the opportunities you have is to post a job ad on an active job site.

How do you write a job ad that will attract qualified candidates when they start their search using a search engine?

Tip #1 - Use keywords as your job title

For example - "Doctor" or "Physician" or "Family Doctor" or "Family Physician"

After surveying a sample of physicians who use our service at healthjobhub.com to understand what keywords they use when they search for jobs, the majority say that they simply type into the search bar "Doctor Jobs" & location or "Physician Jobs" & location.

The tendency when writing a job ad is to be creative and use fancy job titles. The downfall of this strategy is that your job ad will be missed in search results as the candidate may not be familiar with your fancy job title that is specific to your organization.

Tip #2 - Location, location, location

Be specific. Be sure to add the exact clinic location including street name, city, province and country. Candidates that were surveyed confirmed that they always added a location to their keyword search. For example "Doctor jobs Calgary".

Tip #3 - Salary / Earning Potential

Often clinics leave out salary information or earning potential. Google search engine ranks job ads in search results by the completeness and relevance of these job ads. In order for your job ad to be considered complete and relevant it needs to have salary information.

Tip #4 - Be clear and concise

A clear and concise job description and job requirement attracts the attention of your target candidate.

Tip #5 - Add logo, photos and share your employer brand

Make sure that your job ad stands out from the crowd by adding your clinic logo, photos and share why your clinic is a great place to work at.

Healthjobhub.com helps you to optimize your job ad as we offer the following features and benefits:

1) SEO Optimized Job Postings

2) Free Employer Profile Page - A company page dedicated to your clinic to showcase your employer brand and backlink to your website.