2024-05-14  Prasanthi Naidoo
In today's competitive landscape for clinical talent, hospitals and healthcare organizations are looking for ways to recruit and fill empty clinical positions. The current rising demand for healthcare professionals has created fierce competition among Canadian recruiters to search for applicants. This necessitates recruiters to seek out innovative healthcare focused job posting platforms to recruit and fill empty clinical positions faster by presenting job opportunities to a wider audience that targets jobseekers in healthcare fields.
Healthjobhub.com is a healthcare jobs platform that partners with healthcare employers across Canada giving them access to a much larger audience of potential applicants than a position just posted on the employer website. Our mission at healthjobhub.com is to fill healthcare jobs faster. Here's what some of our customers say about us, see testimonials.
Benefits of using healthjobhub.com:
1) 100% healthcare jobs site delivering a lower volume of higher quality qualified candidates (vs general jobs board websites that deliver numerous unqualified applicants) 
2) healthjobhub.com is tailored to hospitals and healthcare organizations resulting in an application process that captures clinical certifications from applicants (vs general job board websites that are not tailored to hospitals and healthcare organizations.)
3) healthjobhub.com is a job posting platform that facilitates connection among health professionals and healthcare organizations.
4) healthjobhub.com reduces the time to search for qualified candidates in the HR department.
5) healthjobhub.com provides access to candidates across Canada. 
6) healthjobhub.com has the functionality to automatically copy job postings directly from the employer website thereby saving the HR team time and money, and presenting job opportunities to a wider audience.
7) healthjobhub.com delivers applicants directly to the employer ATS or tracked on healthjobhub.com ATS if preferred.
8) healthjobhub.com offers social media advertising to help attract both active and passive candidates to your job ad. 
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