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Operating Room Nurse Manager

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Job Description

HCA has been recognized as a World's Most Admired Company in the Health Care Medical Facilities Industry by Fortune Magazine . The Ambulatory Surgery Division of HCA operates and jointly owns with physicians 130+ surgery centers across the United States. Our cases are performed Monday-Friday which means NO nights, NO weekends, or On-call will be required.The size of our surgery centers naturally creates a culture where everyone knows one another with a shared focus on providing the best possible experience for those that we serve. We are currently in search of additional members to join our team!

Afew of the benefits we provide you:
  • Tuition Reimbursement and Student Loan Repayment Program
  • Full Medical, Dental, Life, Disability and Vision Insurance
  • 401k (3%-9% match based on tenure)
  • New Extended Family Leave and PTO
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Healthcare and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Employee Discount Program


    Coordinator Duties :

    ·Coordinates nursing care in the designated clinicalunit/department.

    ·Ensures sufficient staffing on a daily basis. Notifies staff ofscheduling changes in a timely manner.

    ·Coordinates and delegates tasks to individuals according to theactivities required and staff competency.

    ·Assistswithmanaginglaborcostbycoordinatingadequate staffingpatternsaccordingtothe utilization of thearea and keeping an open line of communication with Clinical Director/Managerand Administrator,asperfacilitypractices.

    ·Assessabletostaffinclinicalareaandassistswithstaffand clinicalneedsi.e.providingbreaks, ensure coverage for meal breaks, late cases andstaffing shortages, as required. .

    ·Monitorstoensurethattheclinicalareaismaintainedproperlyi.e.equipmentcleanedand functioning properly.

    ·Assistswithdevelopmentofpolicies/proceduresandfacility practices,asdirected.

    ·Responsible for monitoring clinical staff for compliance withfacility policies and practices, procedures, and QI Program (hazardous waste,blood borne pathogens, infection control,etc.)

    ·Monitorstoensuretimelyandaccuratemedicalrecords documentation.

    ·Assistswithmaintainingproperinventorylevelsandcost containment.

    ·Encourages teamwork amongstaff.





    ·Handlesoperatingroomclinicalvariancesandcoordinates followupwithRiskManager,Center Administrator,andClinicalDirector,asrequired.

    ·ReportsanyenvironmentalsafetyhazardstoRiskManager ClinicalDirector/Manager,and Administrator,as per facility practices.

    ·Assistswithhandlingemployeematters;reportsto ClinicalDirector/Managerand Administrator, asrequired.

    ·Communicatesnursingandphysicianactivitiesasrequiredper facilitypracticestoClinical DirectorandAdministratorinatimely manner.


    Clinical Duties :

    Operating Room

    ·Demonstratesnecessarypractical,technicalorspecialized knowledgeandskillsrequiredforthe role of the peri-operative nursein accordance with AORN and other regulatory standards of practice.

    ·Demonstrates knowledge of surgical procedures and has theability to oversee the instrument and equipment set-up, prepare for the caseutilizing preference cards, and anticipates needs of surgeon.




    ·Utilizesappropriatebodymechanicsinmovingpatients,stretchers,andORtablestopreventinjury to patient andself.

    ·Demonstratesknowledge/understandingofmanagementofpatient,includingbeingavailableto monitor anesthesia during intubation and extubation,assisting as needed in sudden change in patient condition i.e cardiopulmonaryarrest, Malignant hyperthermia, etc. and being readily available to assist asdirected.

    ·Performsthoroughpatientinterviewandassessmentin accordance with procedure and assures appropriate,detailed timeout process is done according to policy.

    ·Consistentlyreviewschartsforcompleteness,inaccordancewith documentationprotocolspriorto and after the surgical procedure. Assuresappropriateconsent,H/P, diagnostic reports,and relevant informationareonchartpriortothestartof procedure.

    ·Preparesandadministersmedicationsinaccordancewithcurrentpractice(i.e.reviewphysician orders, preop antibiotics, preparing/labelingmedications on/off field, utilizing the 7 medication rights, identifying highalert medications, conducting independent double checks when indicated, and narcoticwaste, etc. Assures only licensed personnel administer medications.

    ·RelaysappropriatehandoffcommunicationtoPACUstafftoensure continuityofcare.

    ·Performs nurse circulator duties asassigned.

    ·Participatesintheanesthesiatime-outprocessif performedinthepre-oparea prior to administration of pre-operative blocks or prior to the inductionof anesthesia.

    ·Takes responsibility for careful and accurate handling and/orlogging of narcotics,biohazardousmaterials, and surgicalspecimens.

    ·Assuresallmembersofthesurgicalteamcomplywith principlesofsurgicalhandasepsis,aseptic,andsteriletechnique.

    General ClinicalDuties that apply to all areas :

    ·Takesresponsibilityforcarefulandaccuratehandlingand/orloggingof narcotics.

    ·Utilizesappropriatebodymechanicsinmovingpatientsandstretcherstopreventinjurytopatient andself.

    ·Complieswithprinciplesofhandhygiene,asepticandsterile technique.

    ·Demonstrates knowledge related to maintenance and cleanliness ofinstruments and equipment.Maintains a sanitaryenvironment for the provision of patientcare.

    ·Appropriately handles thedisposalof biohazardousmaterials.

    ·Restocksareadaily,usingappropriateparlevelsanddailystock sheets.

    ·Spendsappropriatetimeandenergyontasksandassignments basedonthepoliciesthatare supportiveoftheCenter'sgoalsand objectives.

    ·Functionsindependentlyaccordingtojobresponsibilitiesand withinscopeofpracticeutilizing current standards ofcare.


    ·Uses facility resources appropriately and avoids wastefulpractices.

    ·Attendsallmandatoryinservices,staffmeetings,andparticipates inemergencydrills.

    ·Participates in the orientation of newemployees.

    ·Completes annual competency and other required education as assigned.


    ·Practicesandadherestothe"CodeofConduct"philosophyand "MissionandValueStatement."

    ·While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of thecurrent Position,it is not necessarily anexhaustive list of allresponsibilities, skills, duties, requirements,or working conditions associated with the job. Management reserves the right torevise the Position orrequire that other or different tasks be performed whencircumstances warrant (i.e. emergencies, changes in personnel or staffing,workload, rush jobs or technical developments.

    We are an equal opportunity employer and wevalue diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race,religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, maritalstatus, veteran status, or disability status.


  • Graduate from an accredited school of professional nursing.
  • Bachelor or Master's Degree in Nursing strongly preferred.

  • Minimum (3) years direct RN experience; preferably in an ambulatory surgery center surgical setting.
  • Minimum (1) year clinical supervisory experience.

  • Active RN license as required by state of employment.
  • Valid BCLS Certification upon employment. ***online certification not acceptable.
  • ACLS and PALS as required by facility.
  • CNOR preferred.
  • Watermark at Bearspaw Calgary Alberta Canada
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