2024-05-14  Prasanthi Naidoo


Demand for healthcare is accelerating worldwide

Due to the unprecedented global pandemic COVID-19, burnout, baby boomers aging, longer life expectancy and better management of chronic disease, new and vacant “higher demand” healthcare jobs are growing at 5.14% CAGR from 1.3M to 2.1M positions by 2026. (6.6% vacancy rate annually).

Healthcare recruitment is extremely difficult due to:

  • Lack of qualified candidates
  • New graduates finding jobs immediately
  • Retiring talent
  • Longer time to hire
  • Poor employer branding
  • Hiring for rural areas
  • Diversity issues
  • Cost
  • Burnout
  • Poor working conditions

Read more about these factors here: https://healthjobhub.com/blog/why-is-healthcare-recruitment-so-difficult/

Impact on the healthcare system:

  • Patients struggle to access care.
  • The average wait time to see a family doctor in person is 7 days in Canada and 20 days in the US.
  • 68% of Canadians skip seeing a doctor due to long wait times and other barriers.

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is upon us in Canada, USA and other parts globally, placing a great strain on frontline healthcare workers.

Burnout is a huge problem experienced by healthcare workers in the healthcare system across Canada, United States & globally especially now during the pandemic. Therefore recruiting healthcare workers such as nurses, doctors, healthcare aides etc is a priority for many healthcare organizations, hospitals, long term care facilities and clinics.

Read more about nurse burnout here: https://healthjobhub.com/blog/symptoms-of-nurse-burnout/

How does healthjobhub.com help recruit healthcare workers?

Unlike traditional job boards, HealthJobHub.com dose not take employer ads and “List It and Forget It”, instead HealthJobHub.com delivers a proactive service as follows:

1. Healthcare Centric Employment Platform

2. Brand Boost ...

HJH has developed systems to deliver social, blogging, influencer and content publishing strategies via an omni-channel approach to feature healthcare employers and job marketing across the internet, not just a single job board website.

3.Career Matching Intelligence (C.M.I.) ...

HJH systems take a proactive approach and pre-qualifies candidates to identify them immediately vs. a sedentary approach that simply forwards the information from anyone that happens to view the ad & click [Apply]...

4. Advanced Data and Analytics - to measure performance & trends

HealthJobHub.com Brand Boost combined with our Career Matching Intelligence (C.M.I.) is how we pre-qualify targeted candidates for our job ads.

Healthcare employers need a trusted platform that delivers fewer applicants with more highly-qualified candidates. As a global company that integrates locally, HealthJobHub.com has seen success connecting healthcare employers and job seekers. The future of healthcare recruitment marketing is here. How can we help you?

Written by:

Prasanthi | Founder of healthjobhub.com