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201 Festival Way unit #120
Sherwood Park AB T8A 4Y7
Company: Rosewood medical clinic

*In short (the beautiful Sherwood park , but we cover all "Greater Edmonton area")*

*1- Owned/managed by doctors.*

*2- work in a big team of GP, FD and specialist.*

*3- Nurses to help and Mental counselor to aid.*

*4- Overhead (will compete with any other offer you might think of).*

*5- Parking lot ( out side and "Even Underground" ) \*there is even a Plug-in-charge*

*6- you tailor your hours , your practice and even your days off. *

*Rosewood is a new clinic ( less than two years ) accepting welling to join colleagues !!*

*Rosewood Medical clinic *is a very young clinic at the best areas of Greater Edmonton Area, i,e Sherwood Park, AB. In less than two years, Rosewood Medical Clinic managed to be a rising star and attracting family doctors and specialists a like.

Three full time family doctors, with more than than of specialists. Two Internists (Cardiologist and a nephrologist ), a pediatrician and a OB/GYN. All of those have been joined by nurse practitioner and an LPN. and in the near future, another LPN , NP, and a psychiatric RN to help you in the continues counselling to patients. *In summary, we keep on growing a bigger and bigger family.*

We offer an *unmatched Over-head*, an *Underground parking* (so no fights with the snow of Alberta) the help of an *LPN* or even the *NP*, in case you like to have someone to take care of the other services, forms, special/Private Examinations that can be time consuming or daunting.

We -the *owners of Rosewood medical clinic- are doctors, *and we understand our colleagues and our needs and the point of views on how doctors would like to practice. This will be better than dealing with an owner that has no medical background and mutual vision or how practice should be.

*We welcome any plan you prefer.* Part time for a day or two, more hours till full time is reached, or -if you would like that- to start with one day then gradually build it up to even the 7 days a week we are opened. The clinic staff will help you inform your all of your patient about your availability in the Rosewood .

*Rosewood is a 10-12 Examination rooms clinic with multiple office rooms* of single office in some rooms up to 3-4 office on others. There is a pharmacy in the same space the pharmacist is a very helpful and experienced.

One of the best things about the Rosewood is that *you will be having a covering in case of an emergencies*, planned vacations, or even time offs. the other colleagues will be covering. We understand how is the doctor's life and the troubles and the exhaustion you might face where a even a short notice plan of covering can be arranged.

A future plan of *Zero burden of the night calls*, or the On-call hours. Rosewood has a plan that makes you more assured that your sleep cycle is guaranteed.

*Call/contact the clinic's doctors directly*, and they will answer any inquiries you might have, and plan for a meeting with the three doctors to help you more than any other clinic can.

Reference ID: Family doctor, General practitioner, physician, specialist

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